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A Kennewick father is under investigation after he is accused of punching his daughter and another teen after finding out they were smoking pot in a hotel. Last Saturday, the two teens, a 16 year old girl and 15 year old boy, were left alone at Clover Island Inn while their mothers attended a music event according to news reports. While they were alone, the teens started smoking marijuana and the boy took a picture and posted it on Snapchat. Someone saw the post and forwarded it to her father who then drove to the hotel to pick her up.

Allegedly when the father got to the hotel he struck the boy in the gut and hit his daughter in the face so hard it knocked her out. The boy says the father had to pick his daughter up and carry her out of the hotel. Police are investigating and the family admits to the teens smoking pot but says the boy made up assault story. The family says the boys "tends to do things like this when he is in trouble". The daughter has not been interviewed yet because she was not at home when her parents were interviewed.