Theresa L. Wiltse, formerly of Pasco, is facing First Degree Murder Chargers, and First Degree Kidnapping with Aggravated Circumstances. Turns out, she is a former State Prison Corrections Officer!

The 49-year-old has been formally charged in the death of 69-year-old Sandra Harris, whose body was found last Sunday on Coffin Road, just off I-82 South of Kennewick. A motorist found the body of the woman, who had been shot several times.

She had been forcibly taken from her home last Friday, was briefly able to talk to her husband Randy on his cellphone. They're the owners of Ace Jewelry and Loan. A ransom of $250,000 was demanded, a drop set up for around 10pm near the County Mercantile North of Pasco.

Wiltse was subsequently arrested and police and FBI investigators found blood in her back seat, of the rental car she was driving.

Now in the latest court papers, Wiltse was in possession of a gun and ammunition, in the car when she tried to collect the money. Police still have not said how Wiltse was known to the Harris' but Sgt. Ken Lattin said earlier this week this was not a random act.

An autopsy scheduled for Tuesday to determine Harris' cause of death was still apparently in progress, no further word if she died from gunshot wounds found on her body, or from other causes.

Authorities also say they are investigating possible other suspects, but so far Wiltse is the primary suspect, hence the murder charge.  Many details still not known or released yet.  Police say Harris might have already been dead by the time Wiltse attempted to collect the ransom money.