Here is a list of the most common Code enforcement "Unwanted" List...are you in violation?

Once a complaint is received, a Code Enforcement Officer goes out and validates the complaint. If a violation exists, a Compliance Warning Letter is sent with a 45 day compliance deadline.

If the violation still exists, a formal Notice & Order is issued.  The Notice & Order carries a minimum of a $500 fine and compliance is still required. If compliance is not achieved, the case may be forwarded to the City Attorney's office for further legal action.

city of kennewick
  • 1

    Unfit building

    If it looks like a fort that Danny and Bobby built...yet people are living in may wanna call CODE ENFORCEMENT!

  • 2

    Vehicle repair on residence

    If your neighbor scooter is working on building the ultimate monster truck in his driveway....but its taking 3 years...You may want to call CODE ENFORCEMENT!

  • 3

    No garbage service

    if garbage bags are stacked higher than the house....yaaaa...You may want to call CODE ENFORCEMENT!!!

  • 4

    Junk and Debrise

    If your neighbor has a yard sale and leaves it outside for 13 weeks...You may want to call CODE ENFORCEMENT!!

  • 5

    Sidewalk Obstruction

    If Julian and his band of wanna be basketball players leave the portable hoop on the may want to call CODE ENFORCEMENT!

  • 6

    Weed and Grasses

    if your weeds are more than 12"...guess what? I'm calling CODE ENFORCEMENT!

  • 7

    Unsound Fencing

    If your fence is a lil wobbly after the last wind may want to run to home depot and grab a couple of posts and quickrete...If you don't...guess what? i'm calling CODE