Patrick Swazye is one of the best actors in the world and dancers. It is very sad that he has gone but he left us with a legacy that should be passed down to all men. I paid to watch Dirty Dancing when it first came out about 14 times when I lived in Philadelphia. My girls and I still watch it at least once a month and for all the reason that you would think. To make you happy, the love aspect of it and what guys really should be like. Rough and tough, biker like and a dancer.

We all must admit that Patrick Swazye was a 'Guys Guy'! He is tough and he does know his feminine side. Most guys won't watch the movie Dirty Dancing because they consider it a 'chick flick' but this 8 year old boy does not share that same thought process.

To be honest, a guy who can dance, can do just about anything.