Portland is attracting the millennial generation like crazy. Kids, I know Portland is hip and fun, but here are 5 really good reasons you don't want to move there.

  • 1

    There's nowhere to rent!

    Portland has the fewest vacancies in the WHOLE COUNTRY! That means no places to rent. Seriously, of all apartments, houses, spare rooms, back sheds, etc. less than 3 percent are available! That means you're going to hate where you live and pay too much for it.

  • 2

    It made the list of DREARIEST cities in America!

    Yeah, the people there know how to have fun... and rain makes everything green... but if you like to be able to see the sun once in a while this may be a mistake!

  • 3

    You realize it's nowhere near the coast, right?

    Seattle has the Puget Sound. People get seals on their porch docks. Ferries spot orcas once in a while. Portland is 90 minutes from the beach. If you want to take off after work, expect a two-hour trip (because of traffic).

  • 4

    Where will you take classes?

    In this dog-eat-dog economy we're in right now for young people, where will you go to school to sharpen your edge? There's Portland State, and a fancy medical college, and then just community colleges. Frankly you're better off staying put and getting some affordable education.

  • 5

    Ever heard of income tax?

    Let's say you're already educated so No. 4 isn't an issue. And let's assume that you'll get a decent job in Portland so you don't have to worry as much about No. 1. Do you have any idea how much in taxes you'll pay as a successful, young single person?