Meet Lawita Suicide, a 20-year-old Suicide Girl from parts unknown. Lawita is a vegan. You can tell by how healthy she looks. Check out more of Lawita below.

NAME: Lawita Suicide

AGE: 20

LOCATION: I'm lost

MY DIET: Vegan

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

MY KINK FACTOR: I'll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

MY POLITICS: Politics, who cares?

MY STATUS: Exclusive relationship

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

INTO: Happiness, art, love, party, animals, vegan food.

MAKES ME HAPPY: Vegan food, necking, go out, drink mate, sleep, play videogames, rain, sunshine


BANDS: MGMT, La prohibida, Massive attack, Bassnectar, Air

FILMS: Freddy krueger films, Schwarzenegger films, Tarantino films, Lord of the Rings, Alien

BOOKS: Fahrenheit 451, El tunnel, The Knight in Rusty Armor, El psicoanalista, Elsa bornemann stories

TV SHOWS: Family guy, American dad, The Simpsons, Modern family, House

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