A few residents of Ellensburg woke up to find pamphlets on their door promoting the KKK causing the city to post a statement on Facebook and their website. The city says it was only a few houses and they are not a sign of a growing KKK group or presence in Ellensburg. They also say that the leaflets could have been placed by only one person and that similar leaflets have shown up in different parts of the state according to reports.

Here is the complete statement b the city of Ellensburg:

The City of Ellensburg is appalled by the recent abhorrent behavior exhibited by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Their random delivery of the organization’s fliers left placed in rock filled bags thrown on to resident’s lawns and driveways is disruptive and disgraceful. The challenge for any free society, and our community, is balancing free speech versus hate speech. The material in the fliers promotes divisiveness. It does not represent us at the City nor our Community. The flier’s content is objectionable, but the content in and of itself is not criminal. As a City we stand as one community that rejects such extreme views and messaging. Our community values inclusiveness, diversity and tolerance.