The Extra Y.A.R.D. is the charity that is involved with the Neon Vibe 5K and it does really great work. An article in the Tri-City Herald describes the Extra Y.A.R.D. "a charitable effort to provide athletic training and tutoring for children who can’t afford the cost".  A statement from the organization describes the great work they do in more detail.

The Extra Yard was designed to assist in a creating a structured environment capable of providing young athletes the opportunity to enhance their success rate in the classroom, chosen sports(s), and in the community. We have taken the process used by Universities to manage their student athletes and implemented it at the High School level.. This means each athlete is required to either be working towards or maintaining a 3.0 GPA. They will also be assigned to an academic adviser who will advise the student-athlete on what courses are needed in order to qualify for NCAA Clearinghouse; Mandatory study hall hours will be required, and tutors will be available if necessary. Each athlete will also required to participate in a set amount of community service hours each month. And in return for adhering to these standards, they will receive athletic training at its finest from local trainers.

What he hope to do is create an infrastructure designed to increase the success rate of the athlete by leaving out the excuses. By providing an academic and training infrastructure, we give each and every kid a chance at being that much more successful at their sport by allowing them to follow the "PROPER PROCESS". And even if every kid is unable to receive an athletic scholarship, no one is against higher education. Therefore, as long as we provide the necessary tools,resources, knowledge, and push to enhance the education of these young people, then they will have no other option but to be successful."