Linkin Park are one of the top bands when it comes to giving back via charitable efforts, as their Music for Relief organization has helped get communities around the world back on their feet after natural disasters. Giving their fans a more tangible idea of what Music for Relief does, the band's latest video follows Mike Shinoda as he travels to Haiti.

Shinoda arrived in January on the three-year anniversary of the Port-au-Prince earthquake and as seen on his tour, there is still much work to be done to help get Haiti's biggest city back to where it once was. It didn't help matters any that Haiti was also in the path of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged the U.S. East Coast last fall.

The first stop on the trip was to the Cholera Treatment Center in Carrefour, Haiti. Shinoda says in the video, "Hurricane Sandy wasn't just a storm that affected the United States. It hit here and the damage from Hurricane Sandy increased the spread of Cholera." The disease was a problem prior to Sandy, but has now hit epidemic proportions. Music for Relief has teamed with a local organization to help in the continued treatment of those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

From there, Shinoda traveled to the Sustainable Recycling Solutions business that Music for Relief helped launch in Haiti. The recycling business began about year-and-a-half ago and in that time over three-and-a-half million pounds of plastic has been collected and processed. As a result, Music for Relief has brought about $500,000 into the Haitian economy, and as Shinoda states in the video, because Haiti's unemployment rate is so high, the SRS is now one of the Top 10 employers in Haiti.

Shinoda concludes, "Our business is based here in a Haiti. It's not a charity and it's providing people with real jobs and a real income. It's sustainable and it's scalable. A lot of the folks that live here, they can't afford school and are untrained to a large degree so to give people a way to earn a living is one of the focuses of SRS."

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Watch Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda Showcase Music for Relief's Efforts in Haiti