A man in Pendleton walking around in a duck costume was seen passing out fliers promoting a marijuana dispensary and caused some chaos. The Facebook group "You Know Your from Pendleton Oregon" started a post about the guy in the duck suit and people were mad. People were confused that he was passing out fliers and not actually selling week on the corner.

One person typed "Drug pushing is now legal...good grief...Oregon has reached a new low." Another wrote "So dispensaries are banned in town but that is ok?" and "That's why we need LEGAL dispensaries... This is crazy and that dude should know better. There have been laws set for marijuana businesses and waddling around in a duck suit selling pot at a kid event (carnival or school) is highly illegal."

After freaking out, the people of Pendleton realized he was just passing out fliers and relaxed. At least until they see the Duck Drug Dealer again on the corner!