Have you ever heard of the Idaho "Dogman?" Apparently, enough people know about it that an entire website is devoted to state encounters.

From unidentified aerial phenomenon to lake monsters, Pterosaurs to Bigfoot, a large number of Idaho residents report claims of supernatural or unexplained goings-on annually across the state. An entity I had yet to hear about until recently, that has seen its share of claimed sightings, is a beast that reportedly resembles a human-wolf hybrid.

For the past several years, I've shared my opinions regarding some pretty remarkable--as well as improbable--stories shared by Idahoans involving strange encounters in the wild. Each year, dozens of Idaho reports are filed with the National UFO Reporting Center, with two already in the books for the month of December.

State Bigfoot sightings have been steady over the course of the past century as well. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has close to 100 sightings of the man-ape.

Five years ago, in Boise, what some believe to be a Pterosaur was recorded taking flight by a person walking on a trail, and many locals in southeastern Idaho swear the Bear Lake Sea Monster is living in the waters that border Utah.

I recently read about, and listened to audio, regarding claims of the Idaho "Dogman," which is said to resemble a half-wolf, half-human. There is even a website that allows for people to share stories of personal accounts. One man claims in a recent YouTube upload that his camera malfunctioned while in the act of attempting to capture one of these animals on film. Other videos share details of separate accounts of the hybrid creature.

If you have ever had an encounter in Idaho of this alleged creature, we'd be very interested in hearing about it.

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