Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has teamed up with the good people at Funny or Die to create a great spoof of Mustaine's recent Men's Wearhouse debacle. Taking the role of George Zimmer, the bearded, deep-voiced guy from the Men's Wearhouse commercials, Mustaine got himself into a suit to promote Megadeth's newest album, 'Super Collider.' Oh yeah, and Mustaine's buddy Kenny G also makes a cameo in the vid!

In an attempt to give Megadeth tour manager Jim Carroccio a Men's Wearhouse gift certificate for Christmas, Mustaine ran into some problems with Men's Wearhouse. The gift certificate didn't arrive in time for Christmas, leading to a long rant posted by Mustaine on Megadeth's Facebook page in early January. In a hilarious new video lampooning the incident, Funny or Die created a Men's Wearhouse-style commercial starring Dave Mustaine.

After detailing the importance of rocking out to a quality metal album before any job interview, Mustaine ends the 'Super Collider' commercial with, "You're gonna like the way it sounds, I guarantee it." But wait, it doesn't end there! In a special twist, it turns out that Kenny G, who Mustaine greatly admires, was playing the background music all along before burning the Megadeth guitarist with the line, "Hey Mustaine, it looks like your Mommy dressed you up for picture day."

Check out Funny or Die's Men's Wearhouse parody with Dave Mustaine and Kenny G in the video above. And if you haven't heard, the bearded guy from Men's Wearhouse was recently let go. Hey Dave, there's a job opening you might be interested in!