Venus and Serena Williams don't like playing against one another, but they do want to beat the other. Michael and Martellus Bennett are not that way. These brothers are competitive at all. That may pose a problem when they line up opposite one another on Sunday.

One plays defense, the other offense. Both are great players. The chances are high coaches will put them both in. And they dread it.

They played together in high school and at Texas A&M. They cheer for one another. They want the other to succeed. After each game they critique one another's playing and offer tips on how to improve.

But when the Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears on Sunday it will be the third time they play together since 2011 when they were both on different teams.

What is often an enjoyable rivalry to watch (when opponents are friends or relatives) will more likely be a cringefest Sunday. When going for the big hit Michael Bennett said he'll likely have a problem thinking of his niece and how she'll react watching from home.

Michael described his brother as to really normal people. They have a very normal relationship. And there's no room for normal in the NFL.

David Banks, Getty Images