A man and a woman got acquainted at the Hangout Tavern in Moses Lake and realized they had gone to high school together. They talked about doing a little bar hopping. The man went pee first, and then things got weird.

He left his money and phone with the bartender before he went to the restroom.

The woman grabbed his keys off the bar to prevent him from driving drunk and headed out to the parking lot to find his car.

When he gets back to the bar to get his stuff, he assumes the woman was robbing him.

He runs out to the parking lot where she's waiting for him, AND PUNCHES HER IN THE FACE!

The man, a Moses Lake gym owner and personal trainer, jarred some of her teeth free and fractured a molar!

Then it got weirder. He told police she'd robbed his vehicle while he was in the bathroom, but the item he says she stole was something he had reported stolen 8 months prior!


[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]