TJ Harman of Moses Lake was sentenced Monday for burglarizing a neighbor's house. If there were a checklist of how to rob someone, I think he forgot every single one:

  • Focus (Mr. Harman admitted to being high on anti-anxiety medication Xanax)
  • Leave no trace (to be quieter he took off his shoes and left them in the garage)
  • Go where no one knows you (he robbed his own neighborhood)
  • Look for the valuables (the victim's husband found a pile of loot in the garage that included a broken saw and earbuds)
  • Wait until no one's home (he broke in a little after 5 p.m. when homeowners typically come home from work)
  • When the homeowner arrives get out (he hid under a desk)
  • Be inconspicuous (before breaking in he knocked on a few other doors asking if they'd seen his dog)

[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]