In what may be the weirdest Mid Columbia stabbing of 2015, two Moses Lake brothers got in a fight and one stabbed the other with scissors. Without witnesses, Grant County prosecutors feel helpless to lay out a "beyond a shadow of a doubt" case to a jury.

That means the stabber was let go, even though his story was suspicious to police.

Back in May the two brothers got in a fight. A friend witnessed the beginning of the fight, and tried to keep it from getting physical, but soon it became clear they wanted to fight, so the friend left the home. Later one came outside with a pair of scissors stuck in his abdomen.

The hospital reported he had a punctured stomach and intestines.

The stabber says the brother threw the scissors at him and they stuck in a wall. He grabbed them up, the brother charged him, he waved his arms and the brother got stabbed. Police didn't believe him and arrested him. They also checked to see if he had dialed 9-1-1 and he had not!

But the courts don't think they have enough evidence to convince a jury so they're letting him go.



[SOURCE: Columbia Basin Herald]