A mother from Wisconsin was looking for the ancestry of her adopted daughter from China and was surprised to find that she had a twin sister that lives in Richland Washington according to news reports. Her mother, Jennifer Doering from Wassau, thought that finding about her family in China would be a good Christmas present but had no idea she would find a twin sister. By using the webpage Research-China.org, they were able to find a picture of her mother with both twins and them managed to track the twin sister to Richland.

Her twins name is Gracie and was adopted by Nicole and Scott Rainsberry. They contacted the family with Facebook and now the girls talk almost daily in the morning before they go to school. The families are now working to have the girls meet in person and have also sent DNA samples to prove 100% that they are sisters. A rep from the website that helped do the research to find the twin, thinks it is 95% chance they are sisters but thinks the tests will prove the other 5%.