2020 is one of the craziest years I've ever experienced in my lifetime. First, the Covid-19 pandemic causing families to be quarantined to their homes, a toilet paper shortage, kids being homeschooled, graduations canceled, isolation, not to mention all of the fear. Just this week a new monster in Washington state has appeared...'The Murder Hornet'

Asian giant hornet

The Asian Giant Hornet affectionately named 'Murder Hornet' measures roughly 2 inches in length and sports a stinger that can penetrate a bee keeper's suit, has shown up on the west side of the state and can decimate entire bee colonies! Not to mention the dreadfully painful sting this thing could unleash on humans...now this

The Asian Gypsy Moth.

Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) in the night
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Gypsy Moth is so destructive it can destroy entire forests or orchards (I don't think they are picky) in a short period of time. Females can lay hundreds of eggs which can make an infestation particularly hard to control.

Governor Inslee has ordered an emergency proclamation saying “This imminent danger of infestation seriously endangers the agricultural and horticultural industries of the state of Washington and seriously threatens the economic well-being and quality of life of state residents,”

Oh for the love of it all, can 2020 just be over already!


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