Why are our favorite bands never nominated for a Grammy year in and year out? Stupidity on the Grammy board that is why! There are a ton of hard rock bands that never get picked.

This is who is nominated by the Grammy Board.

Beck, Ryan Adams, Jack White, and the Black Keys.

This is who should be nominated and my list  for the best rock album, best rock performance and best rock song are...

Five Finger Death Punch - 'Wrong Side Of Heaven'

In This Moment - 'Blood'

Asking Alxandria - 'Moving On'

Pop Evil - 'Beautiful'

Sixx A.M. - 'Stars'

Seether - 'Same Damn Life'

Foo Fighters - 'Something From Nothing'

God Smack - 'Something Different'

Vol Beat - 'Doc Holiday'

And the winner is.....

Five Finger Death Punch - 'Wrong Side Of Heaven'

This may be the single most powerful song out there and done by true United States Americans. Five Finger Death Punch has gone over seas and played for our troop's on my  occasions and risked their lives to play amazing music for the people who risk their lives every day for us and them. Congratulation's Five Finger Death Punch. You are my winners.

This video is extremely powerful and slightly graphic for those of you who cannot handle any blood shed. This video has that and is a bout that!