I first played golf with Jordan Chaney around 9 years ago, and he had just started his journey towards his dream. We talked about his love for poetry and how he wanted to make it his life. Back then neither one of us were sure how he was going to make his dream a reality.

A poet from the Tri Cities?

We have had famous sports stars come from here but to be a famous poet from Tri Cities seemed like long odds. Now, he has published 3 books, travels all over speaking to youth, and is getting recognized not only here in the northwest but all over the country and the world for his work.

Tonight Jordan is hosting a book release party for his third book "Art of the Spoken Word" starting at 6 p.m. at Frichette Winery in Benton City. This book teaches people how to be better speakers and communicators with 12 easy steps to work through. His book is getting high praise from some of the best publishing minds in the Northwest.

Andy Perdue, editor and publisher of Great Northwest Wine and a wine columnist for The Seattle Times says "It’s not just about performing poetry or writing poetry. It can help someone who wants to speak better in front of an audience" according to sources. Another fan of Jordan Chaney is Tod Marshall, Washington’s poet laureate, who says "Chaney knows poetry — lives poetry — and his enthusiasm is contagious in these pages".

Go see his tonight or anytime you get the chance to hear his speak. It is way worth it and I am proud to call him a friend. Below is one of the first poems I ever heard him speak...check it out.