No Child Left Behind is dead and gone. This week Congress passed "Every Student Succeeds Act" to replace it. Mandated testing is still in place, but not as much, and school districts will no longer lose huge amounts of money for failing the tests. That could mean a big windfall for Mid Columbia districts!

Because Washington state did not meet one of the requirements of "No Child Left Behind" it lost millions in funding. The new law replaces that, which could mean $300,000 to Richland, $700,000 to Kennewick and $1 million for pasco!

The old law gave districts a heavy incentive to make changes and improve test scores. Many called the incentives (and punishments) unfair, unreasonable and counter-effective. Teacher unions are glad performance evaluations are no longer tied to the statewide tests.

The states now have more control over goals and assessments.