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t is OK for the NFL to profit during football games … but is it OK that they profit off our military?

According to NJ.com, the military has paid over $5.4 million to 14 NFL teams so they could put on displays of patriotism.

The fact that they’re paying to sing our National Anthem and fly the American flag is insulting — insulting that the teams asked for so much money, and insulting that the military agreed to pay such ridiculous costs.

Ultimately, of course, they are all profiting off of us. The military gets paid through taxpayers and so they should. Keep in mind that roughly 20 percent of our taxes go to fund the U.S. military to keep us free — and I am all for it.

However, paying NFL teams so the various service branches can promote joining the military might not be such a good idea.

What do you think?

I think they should get high school or college bands to do it. They wouldn’t have to pay and they would still get the point across about being part of something special like, the USA. The military could rent booths and promote being in the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Coast Guard or the Army Reserve.

I just might stop watching football after this. On the other hand, my team didn’t do it — so go Eagles!

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