In a new interview, Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger comes to terms with the fact that his band will probably never be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or pick up any Grammys.

Nickelback may be sitting on a pile of platinum records larger than that of most artists in the game today, but they are one of the most intensely detested bands by music critics. After over a decade in the limelight with Nickelback, frontman Chad Kroeger has accepted that his band may never be destined for critical praise.

“We may be dead by then, but I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will probably show up the same time as our first Grammy,” Kroeger tells Canada’s Post Media News of the band’s chances at making it into the hallowed halls of the Cleveland mecca of rock.

Whether they’re being publicly skewered by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney or by Detroit Lions’ fans — who gathered about 40,000 signatures in an effort to prevent them from playing the Thanksgiving day halftime show in 2011 — Kroeger has always been a good sport about the criticism garnered by his band. “When the whole thing was going on with the petition and, you know, the NFL was calling us twice a day going, ‘Oh, my God, we’re so happy,” laughs Kroeger. “The viewership just went up by 15 million.”

Nickelback have even began shrugging off insults hurled at them on the Internet via their Twitter account. We’re just laughing while we do it,” reveals Kroeger. “I mean, it’s just like when you got guys all sitting around together, you know, we’ll hear about something and, you know, we laugh. You know, whoever comes up with the most comedic thing, it’s like, `Oh, that’s good. We have to tweet that.’”

Nickelback is currently knee-deep in their expansive tour behind their latest release, ‘Here and Now,’ along with Seether, Bush and fellow Canadians My Darkest Days.