Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx is an avid music lover and that's not just relegated to hard rock and metal, as evidenced by the wide range of guests on his 'Sixx Sense' radio show. However, Sixx definitely has a special place in his heart for his latest musical recommendation. The bassist has reached out to his social network followers about the new band, Figs Vision, which features his son Gunner Sixx as one of its members.

Nikki posted about his son's band online and he reveals he also took an active approach in their promotion, shooting the photos they're using for their music. At present, the two-man band, which also includes Jordan Spoliansky, has their own Facebook page and they're working on new songs. One of the tracks, 'New York Home,' is currently available via their Bandcamp page and fans can check out the more alternative-leaning tune here.

Sixx writes in his Facebook posting:

I love music. As you know I am always looking for new music not only for my ears, but also for other people's as well. I have been very open about creativity and supporting music over the years in my books and blogs. As a father you hope to pass this on to your kids. So with that being said my oldest son Gunner and his songwriting partner Jordan Spoliansky been collaborating on new music together and I want to pass it on to you. If you like what you hear go check out their Facebook page and follow them on twitter because I know they are gonna be releasing new music often. They are gearing up for their first EP so this is all creativity in progress. I shot the photos of them to go with the music….

Figs Vision recorded their latest music in Van Nuys and are ramping up to release their first EP.