John Lin

Badger Mountain and Tapteal elementaries' swings were already gone the first day of school. Jefferson's have been gone for a while. Sacajawea and Marcus Whitman will lose theirs soon. Kennewick schools lost theirs years ago and Pasco hasn't had swings in 20 years. What the cuss! It's like getting rid of apple pie!

School officials say they empathize with students and parents, but it's a liability issue. The districts just can't shoulder the risk anymore.

I think this is going too far.

When I was a kid school yards were dangerous. No doubt about it. Jefferson Elementary had this one swing that was an elevated merry go round with bars hanging from chains. 6-8 kids would each grab a bar and run in a circle. As the carousel up top sped up the bars hanging from chains would start to levitate -- as well as the kids hanging on! It was just like one of those carnival rides! So dangerous!

I also remember all the girls had "chicken fights" on the monkey bars where they hung by their legs and tried to pull each other down.

And love or hate merry go rounds, if you played on one as a kid you got hurt on one, don't lie.

But tether ball?

And sure, swings can be dangerous, but don't these kids have adult supervision?

I can't imagine childhood and school yards without swings, I'm sorry. I think this is a mistake.

[SOURCE: Tri-City Herald]