An Oregon agency refused a Thanksgiving donation by a women's group tied to cannabis. The Oregon Department of Health Services said "no" when the group Women Leaders in Cannabis tried to donate turkey baskets because they don't want the "impression that the agency endorses pot". This was the third time that an agency refused to take donations from their group and they were scared nobody would except their gift.

The WLC finally found a group to accept with KindTree Autism Rocks according to reports. They are a group that celebrates people in the autism community. KindTree Autism Rocks was not worried about the association with cannabis and was happy to receive the help. "It's more about, you know, let's meet a need in this community and it's an act of generous giving and passing forward," said Autism Rocks Vice President Molly Elliott about the controversy. Each basket included at least $50 worth of food and over 20 baskets were donated to families this Thanksgiving.