An Oregon man had his son shoot him in the leg to avoid prison, lied to police, filed a false insurance report, lost his foot, and then might get another 5 years added to his sentence. The story starts back in July 2014 when that man, Shannon Egeland, told police he had stopped to help a lady on a roadside when he was struck and shot according to news reports. Egeland was supposed to turn him self in for a 10 year prison sentence he received for mortgage fraud the next day. It turns out that he had his teenage son shoot him in the leg and made up the story to delay prison and collect insurance.

Prosecutors say Egeland lied on the insurance application sent across state lines to Portland's Standard Insurance Company. He now  pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud because he filed the insurance policy a week before the shooting which he staged. Egeland's sentancing trial is scheduled for October but could get pushed back, but will likely face another five years for all his trouble according to prosecutors.