Every parent has bad days: days you hope your child doesn't remember, days you hope no one was watching. If enough of those days happen close together, the state may intervene. Kalin Swartz found herself in that situation and after an investigation was charged with abuse and neglect. Swartz was only allowed to visit her son during supervised visits. I think that's any parent's nightmare. But, on one of those supervised visits Swartz snuck her two-year-old son some cocaine.

Luckily, he had no lasting health effects. But that was it. The courts revoked her parole and a warrant was placed for her arrest.

After a 3-month manhunt she was arrested in TEXAS and this week was sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison. We wish her luck and hope her little boy is doing OK.

If your thoughts while reading this story were focused on that little boy, you may be a good candidate for foster parenting. There is a "desperate" need for more foster parents in the Tri-Cities area and they're looking for stable (NOT PERFECT -- no one is perfect) homes where kids can be safe and calm while they recover from possible abuse or stress, and wait until family members take care of affairs to welcome them in. You can call (509) 783-0758 for more information.

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