Getty Images/Keystone

Panties owned by Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, are up for sale from a man in Ohio? Really? How in god's name do they know that they were Hitler's wife panties? More importantly, who would have wanted to check those for authenticity? Well somebody did.One of the latest story's out there are these silk panties owned by a Nazi. The man in Ohio had apparently got them from a former military man who was in WWII. The have a certificate of authenticity with them. The high-wasted panties from 'Back in the day' even have her initials on them. They are selling them for $7,500 bucks.

What cracks me up is that the initials are the reason they are her panties. Is there more to this story than meets the eye? It also begs the question that if it isn't the initials the authenticates these panties, who would have wanted to check the DNA to be sure? Yuk!

I also wonder why anyone would have wanted to marry that mass murderer in the first place? Eva Barun, considering the time, was not ugly.

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