A Pasco Hispanic community leader is asking for a federal investigation into the fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes saying the investigation by the Special Investigations Unit will have "no credibility whatsoever."

Felix Vargas Jr. is a retired Army Colonel and worked as a diplomat to Mexico. He is now the head of Consejo Latino in Pasco, a group made up of Hispanic business owners.

Vargas has sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder saying Zambrano-Montes' civil rights were violated by Pasco police in the shooting, and asking for a federal investigation. He pointed out his position when shot, the number of shots fired and other factors in the tragedy.

Because officers in three prior recent Pasco shootings were exonerated, the Special Investigations Unit made up of officials from other Tri-Cities-area law enforcement agencies will reach a similar conclusion, he says.

“Why would anyone believe that the local SIU investigation of the Zambrano killing would yield a different result?” he said.

Vargas said he supports law enforcement in general but suggests the investigation would be aided by what he called higher-level eyes.