A man wanted on 9 felony warrants left a disturbing suicide note on a motel room mirror stating that he would be dead by an officer involved shooting...

Pasco Police along with US Marshals had a tip that the wanted man was at a motel in Pasco last Thursday. When police arrived to arrest the suspect they call 'Amp' he was exiting the motel and got into a physical struggle with officers, he tried to go for a gun...which turned out to be fake although it looked real and failed.

The police then found the 'suicide message' on the motel mirror which read:

It reads in part, "...If you are reading this then things went 1 of 2 ways...#2 The Cops tried to arrest me and I am the victim of an officer involved shooting. Please remember I love you and those kids now and forever."

The man was eventually arrested and booked into jail but not before he proceeded to kick out the windows of the police car! He was released a short time later to seek medical help and was later arrested and is now in the Benton County Jail.