A Pasco woman is speaking out after surviving a bus crash where 5 people were killed in California. The bus was heading to Pasco, said one survivor from Pasco named Nakia Coliman, when the bus was ran off the road by a car it was trying to pass according to reports. She says the car swerved causing the bus to run off the road and hit a large pole head on, splitting the bus almost in two. The pole split down the center but stopped only two feet before reaching her and trapped her between her seat and a man who died in the crash. She describes having to wiggle herself out from under the deceased man to climb out the window to escape the bus. She couldn't find her phone so she grabbed the deceased man's phone as she climbed out so she could call her family.

Nakia Coliman describes the scene after the accident as "a scary sight" with "people pinned in really bad". She says she met two other men from Pasco on the bus before the crash but does not know what happened to them. She also says she is too terrified to get back on a bus and is trying to get her son and sister to travel to come get her.