"The Pasco Pack" is a pack of roaming dogs (nine Chihuahuas and one Poodle) that daily wander around central Pasco visiting city hall, the courthouse, Volunteer Park, Memorial Park and the bus station venturing as far north as Court Street.

Authorities are worried because the pack wanders back and forth across 4th Street and other roads with little caution. It has caused traffic jams on more than one occasion.

It took three animal control officers to capture just one dog recently. They are a highly elusive pack.

Residents are asked to tweet the pack's location to #PascoPack so authorities can corner them. They are not wild. They either have owners or used to have them.

If you like dogs it's cute, and you want to cheer for them. But this isn't an issue of cute dogs vs. mean dogcatchers. The wandering pack is a danger to drivers and the individual dogs themselves. Capturing them and returning them home or finding new owners is what's in the best interest of the dogs.

Dog parks are for running free, not 4th Street.