A man known to have mental problems was arrested in Pendleton for attacking a man with a baseball bat in the head and then stripping down naked and screaming at people. That man is Dustan Semler, and he was actually talked to by police 3 times right before he attacked that man according to news reports. Police say each time Semler did not act agressive and answered 3 questions correctly that police use to judge if they are a danger to themselves or others.

Pendleton Police chief Roberts says this is a prime example of how police need to reassess how someone qualifies as "a danger" if they are having a mental episode like Semler. He also said "This is very unfortunate that it progressed to this level because now you have an individual who obviously has some mental health issues who’s facing felony charges,” and, “The consequence of that could be incarceration". He also said that Semler is not a danger when he is taking his medication.