As part of their promotion, Lay's had people come up with their next flavor of chip in 2013. These are the chips that won. We tried them and loved them. Perfect road-trip food.

Chicken & Waffles

Kelly:If I was really hunger and on a road-trip and that is all that was in the car I would eat them but I don't think I would just buy them just because I was dying for chicken and waffles! HA

Riggs: This was the one I was looking forward to trying the most. I was pretty disappointed. Too much waffle (syrup), not enough chicken. Not bad, but not great.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Kelly:The Cheesy Garlic Bread chips did not disappoint. They tasted exactly the way the should! Yummy and cheesy!

Riggs: This is the one I'm voting for. Totally grubbin'. It does taste like those fried cheesy garlic bread-sticks I love so much.


Kelly:At first they were not that hot but after finishing the chip my mouth felt it! I would buy these chips again.

Riggs: This wasn't bad. I was hoping for more flavor like the real stuff has, but so much of the real stuff may just be the fumes when I pour it on something or use it in cooking. It's pretty good and you'll definitely get the kick of the heat. That burning sensation on your tongue didn't go away for about an hour.

Have you tried them? What's your favorite road-trip food?