You Can Explore An Abandoned Ghost Ship On The Oregon Coast

It might surprise you that the early days of sailing the high seas were riddled with danger. The Oregon coastline is littered with such accidents but one abandoned ship is easily accessible and is worth a road trip from the Tri-Cities to explore.

Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

The Peter Iredale ran ashore in 1906 and has remained rusting away along the coastline for over 100 years.

It's become quite the tourist attraction and you can access it, unlike the other ships that have sunk along the Oregon coast.

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According to Wikipedia:

The Peter Iredale was a four-masted steel barque sailing vessel that was abandoned after she wrecked back in 1906.

The ship is located inside Fort Stevens State Park and located about 4 miles away from the Columbia Channel in Warrenton Oregon.

Photo by Stephanie Buffington on Unsplash
Photo by Stephanie Buffington on Unsplash

The ship was bound for Portland until it crashed ashore due to high winds and a heavy Northwest squall.

youtube/decay with us
youtube/decay with us


The boat was supposed to be towed back to land but after a few weeks but the sand had made the operation impossible.

Peek Inside The 116-Year-Old Shipwreck Of The Peter Iredale

The boat was then to be broken up but the ship was never touched so it continued to rot in the same place it landed.

All that remains of the ship today is the bow, a few masts, and a few ribs.

The Peter Iredale (which was named for the original owner) continues to rust away in the water and making it a popular tourist site to visit along the Oregon coastline.

Fort Stevens State Park and the wreckage of the Peter Iredale are easy to access. If you've been thinking about a road trip, this really cool abandoned ghost ship might be worth adding to your plans.

You can check out more details on the state park here.

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