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I had a good friend of mine refer me to Dr Workman. I was very pleased with my surgery from start to finish. The staff was courteous and professional, I felt that my questions were all answered, the facility was clean and well kept, I was treated with respect, and I felt happy every step of the way going forward with my breast augmentation. The results were spectacular! I can't even tell you how happy I was with the end results. I have had three children (I breastfed all of them) and I just wanted some of that youthful roundness and perkiness back. I would definitely reccomend Dr Workman's clinic to anyone who was seeking any type of body enhancement.

- Sarah



I am a patient and client of Dr. Workman, and I have had a breast augmentation and a lift. I just wanted to give a testimonial to other women who are considering going through this process. I am getting close to being 50 and I have fairly exceptional health and so electing to have surgery was kind of a mental process for me. Now after surgery, I am a month later. The healing process and the surgery was absolutely so worth it. The amazing ego boost that you get every day when you go to put your clothes on. I actually feel physically healthier. I had no idea the impact it was going to make every day, and I am excited to put my clothes on so I feel better. I feel great, and I feel good in my clothes. I actually fit in my clothes and in my new bra. I just wanted to say I had no idea what I was actually doing for myself and the impact, the gift, and the ego boost every single day when I get up to get dressed is phenomenal. The whole process. I wanted to say that if I had known what I know now, I would have done it so much earlier than waiting until just turning 50. Now, I have my body and I am excited every day to get dressed and go face the world, feeling healthier and better than I did when I was in my 20s.

- Sheryl



I just want to say that this guy, Dr. Workman, is a miracle worker. I had breast augmentation by him about nine years ago and he gave me the best boobs ever... If anybody’s thinking about that, this is the guy to go to.

- Marley



You actually did implants for me and you did an awesome job and this was about 2006... He was awesome. I did a ton of research and he was great.

- Katie


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