A large budget deficit Moses Lake leaders say they cannot close up has closed the popular Larson Recreation Center.

The center, which houses a much-used BMX bike course, an ice rink, and space for other recreational activities,  costs about $125,000 annually to keep open.

Local rec hockey teams and bike riders said they were shocked when it happened.   It also houses an indoor baseball batting cage, according to NW Cable News:

" Larson Recreation Center on Yakima Avenue does not just house the BMX track. It is also home to a hockey rink, batting cages and an arcade. But the facility is not the only casualty of the budget shortfall.

Leaders said the shortfall came when a local company contested its real estate taxes. Several Moses Lake employees were laid off to make up for lost revenue.

The closures of Larson Recreation Center also forced the Moses Lake Youth Hockey Association to look for a new location to practice and play. Moses Lake's manager said the BMX track could be maintained by volunteers, but a decision has yet to be made."

The facility will be closed for at least one year.