What would you do if this was you? A Portland man left for vacation to discover his landlord had had sex on the man's bed while he was out of town.

"I live in an apartment in Oregon, with a month to month agreement. When I left town to visit family for Christmas, I told my landlord that I would be gone for the week if he would like to make a repair that needed to be done. He called and informed me that he would have someone make the repair.
Whenever I go out of town, I set up a security camera in my bedroom to make sure everything's okay. The camera is set to email me three still images whenever it detects motion. I never expected that it would detect the motion of the ocean.
I woke up a couple days ago, checked my email, and my inbox has been forever unclean ever since. The photos from the camera span almost 2 hours, in the middle of the night. My landlord and his "friend" spent most of their time on my bed, but also walked around various rooms (bathroom, kitchen) unclothed after the deed was done. The photos cover from the time the pair came in, to the time they got dressed again and left the room."

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. What do you think this poor guy should do?