A Portland man saw and heard a large, strange explosion in his front yard. He went outside to check and the dry grass (because of drought) was on fire! A neighbor says something fell from the sky.

A pot of water from the stovetop put out the fire. The local fire department investigated and do no suspect arson -- but they also said they were not qualified to identify a meteorite.

A scientists was contacted and he said it was likely NOT a meteorite that lit the grass on fire. The reason is FASCINATING!

Apparently outer space is cold... REALLY COLD. Meteors spend hundreds, even thousands of years at MINUS 300 degrees!

Flying through the atmosphere causes considerable friction, sometimes igniting gases (shooting stars) but before impact small meteorites slow down enough to stop igniting the gases.

Once a meteorite hits the ground, it is air-temperature at best, no hotter!

In fact, it's more likely you'll get a cold burn from one than a hot burn! I have no idea if anyone has ever experienced either... and the scientist added lay people are horrible at correctly identifying meteorites.

That is so trippy.