A Washington Post food critic picked 12 cities he believed were in the running for having the best "food scene" anywhere. Then he secretly visited those cities and ate... A LOT... until he had a sense of that "food scene." 

To EVERYONE'S surprise, he named PORTLAND, OREGON his favorite!

Sure, he named a handful of restaurants he loved, but the ranking was about more than that. It was checking out the tradition, culture and creativity of a community's eateries. It was about judging their pizza, burgers and coffee as well as the filet mignon and foie gras.

One of the things he really liked, he said, was how Portland had the same "crazes" as everywhere else with specialty doughnuts, cupcakes and ice cream, and yet achieved them so well. 

Even the cookbook market was vibrant and diverse! He applauded the Asian markets and grocery stores. And get this, he said NO ONE IN AMERICA DOES BREAKFAST AS WELL AS PORTLAND!

I've only eaten in Portland half a dozen times, but I will admit it was fantastic each time.


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