A recent "sweep" test by the Washington State Liquor Control board has already dinged four pot stores for selling weed to minors.

Much like the Board does with retail outlets who sell liquor and convenience stores with booze and cigarettes,  a series of tests were performed in 22 state pot stores between May 15 and 18th.

The Liquor Control Board sent in underage individuals and instructed them to attempt to buy pot.  18 of the stores passed, but four stores were cited for selling pot to underage individuals.

Flaws in the stores ID checking procedures were the culprit, say Board officials, the stores were not accused of deliberately selling to a persuasive minor.  According to the Seattle Times, all the affected stores were on the West side:

"The four businesses that sold to minors and will be cited: Mary Mart and Emerald Leaves in Tacoma, and Green City Collective and Purple Haze in Everett.

The stores could be suspended for 10 days or face a $2,500 fine, according to the LCB."

According to statistics published in the Times, by way of the Washington State Youth Health Survey, 66% of teenagers in our state now believe with pot being legal, it's easy to procure.