A Idaho man Bob Kirk found dead last week, was actually murdered at random by David Hutto after a road rage confrontation. The strange part of the story is that the body was found because of a tip a family friend received from a local psychic. Bob Kirk's body was found near Hayden Creek on Tuesday October 25th after his wife had alerted authorities that he had not come home from work according to news reports. A family friend got a tip from a local psychic that he was near a "ravine" and "water" which caused him to look near the creek and find Bob Kirk.

Police had found his truck abandoned and had pictures of an unknown masked man using Kirk's bank cards but could not find the body. After an investigation, prosecutors say that David Hutto followed Kirk home after getting into a random road rage incident. After following him home, he attacked Kirk, tied him up, shot him, and dumped his body near the creek.

The judge in the case put David Hutto's bail at 2 million dollars on the charge of Second degree murder. There is another person of interest being held in the case, but charges have not yet been announced.