Queens of the Stone Age are extending their fascination with animation as they continue to roll out new music from their '… Like Clockwork' album. The band began with the unnerving video for 'I Appear Missing,' followed with a similarly bloody 'Kalopsia' clip and are now offering a full-on brawl for the 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' video.

The Boneface-created clip opens with the lines, "A man walks into a bar," but despite that set-up, this clip is no joke as our masked featured character walks up to the bar's doorman, proceeds to throw a vicious punch and takes him out in glorious fashion before entering a room filled with tough, beaten down patrons.

It's clear our central character is looking for a fight, coolly tossing a trinket into the jukebox before pummeling the entire room while taking a significant beating himself. The entire animated brouhaha is soundtracked by the mesmerizing new song from Queens of the Stone Age, 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled,' featuring a ploddingly intense bass line throughout.

This makes the third song off the new album to feature an animated video within the past week, giving audiences a very solid indication of what the album will sound like prior to its June 4 release. In addition to the three videos, the band has also debuted the single, 'My God Is the Sun,' which is doing well at radio as we speak.

Watch Queens of the Stone Age's 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' Video