68-year-old Christine Gregoire, governor of Washington until 2013, can now add "one-tough-grandma" to her list of accomplishments.Gregoire was coming out of an Olympia, Washington, Lowe's store this week when she noticed a man watching her. As she picked up her pace toward her car he began walking toward her. She unlocked the car, got in, started it, and then discovered the man had opened her back door, put his foot inside, and was climbing in!!!

What did she do next? She hit reverse and tried to run him over!

She fell out of the car and ran away. She drove to the other side of the parking lot and called police. He ran inside the store trying to hide and was apprehended.

Police credit her cool head and quick thinking to avoiding a car hijacking and maybe a kidnapping or worse!



[SOURCE: Walla Walla Union-Bulletin]