Check out all the presidents who visited the Mid Columbia to campaign or dedicate stuff:

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    Roosevelt Visited Walla Walla's Whitman College

    May 25, 1903

    Roosevelt visited Whitman College and Walla Walla for a campaign stop to gain support in Western states to become president.

    Hulton Archive
  • 2

    Lyndon Johnson (as VP) Dedicated Ice Harbor Dam

    May 9, 1962

    While working for Kennedy, Johnson said the dam made the country stronger and our freedom more secure. Planning and construction took 15 years because of lack of funding and concerns about harming migrating fish.

  • 3

    John F. Kennedy Dedicated the N Reactor

    September 26, 1963

    Tri-Cities was star struck. Kennedy spoke to a crowd of 30,000 people of N Reactor's dual capabilities (producing plutonium and generating electricity). He also said it could contribute to world peace.

    National Archive
  • 4

    Nixon Opened Worlds Fair in Spokane

    May 4, 1974

    In front of a crown of 85,000 he issued an official proclamation and invited the world to Spokane. He was deep in the Watergate scandal so it was the lowest point in his popularity.

  • 5

    George W. Bush Leads Rally at CBC

    February 28, 2000

    Texas Governor George W. Bush addressed a rally at CBC while campaigning in advance of the state's primary vote.