Good idea: getting ideas or Mason jars off Pinterest. Bad idea, carrying 6.5 pounds of marijuana in mason jars in your Richland car. Yes, a man was arrested driving with 6 1/2 pounds of marijuana in mason jars and baggies in his car. In case you don;t know Washington State law, you can only have one ounce on your person unless you have a medical license. With a medical license until July, you can have up to 1 1/2 pounds, but still far below the amount found in this guys car.

That man, Dennis W. Vandyken (37), pleaded innocent recently in Benton County Superior Court to possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana and possession of methamphetamine according to news reports. When he was pulled over he told the police officer he had bought "a little bit" the night before and that he did not have a medical card. During the search police found tested positive for meth, a glass pipe, spoon with residue, brass knuckles, freezer bags, and drug paraphernalia. He also has a previous conviction in a 2012 felony for possession of controlled substances.