A large population of Tri-Citians are mourning today the passing of our good friend and fellow musician Tom Gnoza! He passed away last night doing what he loved: entertaining people with his wit, humor, raspy voice, guitar-playing and harmonica. Those who knew Tom, knew he rode life hard! I hear he went peacefully and unexpectedly during a break at a performance when he laid down to take a nap and just never woke up.

Seems like I've known Tom forever, and I loved him dearly. You may remember me doing a post about him years ago. He was a super talented musician and singe. I often wondered why he didn't end up in Nashville!

The son of the talented Marylou Gnoza, he learned because music runs in the family. I've sung on a number of occasions with Tom and even cried on his shoulder a few times and him on mine.

One thing about having a friend like Tom, is you knew he loved you 'cause he'd tell ya. And he gave out hugs generously. I loved that about him. I always told him I loved him too. And THAT is the only thing that brings me peace. Because I didn't get a chance to say good bye. But, I'm sure he knew how I felt about him.

Lots of his music videos can be seen and heard on Youtube so listen, watch and remember.

Tom Gnoza YOU WILL BE MISSED! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all of you that knew him. I know we are all hurting right now...