New restaurant on George Washington Way is not happening.

Many in Richland were sad when City Buffet Chinese restaurant closed. And the building with a prominent spot near City Hall has been sitting vacant for years.

Excitement arose when plans were in motion to make it "Luke's Bar & Grill" with rumors of it being a country-themed establishment -- maybe even honky tonk.

Work inside and writing on the window gave promise that something cool was happening.

But not anymore.

The building is back to vacant and "Luke's" is stalled.

Rumors abound as to what went wrong and whose fault it is, but Richland will have to wait a bit longer to see what new business will go there.

With a new restaurant and grill opening across from the fire station and great new eateries operating in the Parkway, it will be interesting to see what will be able to compete in the old City Buffet building.