AMC is one of the biggest movie theater chains in the country. #2 to be exact.

1 Regal Entertainment Group 7,295
2 AMC Entertainment Inc 4,960
3 Cinemark Theatres 4,499
4 Carmike Cinemas, Inc. 2,892

And they're coming to the Tri-Cities. A deal just went through for AMC to purchase Carmike theaters across the nation and they got Carmike 12 in Kennewick. Not gonna like, I hope they bring some of that AMC style to the theater. If you've ever been to an AMC theater in other cities, you know they can get pretty elaborate with theater design and decor. Not a lot will change as far as ticket prices (as far as we know), but regardless, I'm pretty sure popcorn will still cost you 50 bucks!

Courtesy of Getty Images